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Griffin Armament Fail Safe Angle Sights
Griffin Armament Fail Safe Angle Sights

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Angle sights are meant as a secondary option to optical sights in the top rail sight plane. By adding a sighting system to an alternate plane you have additional insurance that your sights will be there when something is going wrong with your primary, be it loss of power, occlusion from fog, mud, dirt, snow, or even damage. An additional sight plane is like having an alternate route on a mission plan. Armed professionals don't start a mission without alternate routes and they shouldn't run their guns without back up sights.

Why fixed sights? Fixed sights are always there. You don't have to worry about them being inadvertently folded down or forgetting to deploy them. Many veteran soldiers are obsessive pertaining to pre combat checks and inspections. Even missing a spare battery from their kit load out would require correction. This measure of attention to detail is a reality when your life is on the line every day. Fixed sights negate the need to have anxiety over whether you have deployed your sights and if they will be there when you need them.

Griffin Fail Safe sights are fully adjustable from the rear housing with no tools. This does two things for the user. You don't have to scrape your elbows up in the prone to make front sight adjustments, and it keeps the billet front post perfectly in the center of the HK style loop for an extremely fast target acquisition. The flush mounted coin slot windage wont be inadvertently adjusted out of zero, and the elevation aperture is finger adjustable in 180 degree rotations for tool-less function and ease.

The Fail Safe front sight has a lobed geometry to accommodate military lasers mounted in the 12 o'clock position.

Combat apertures are typically too large to get a decent sight picture unless firing at an extremely close range. Likewise the common 300m apertures are too small and slow for mid range work where most of the engagements on the battlefield are taking place. Our aperture size is between a combat and 300 meter aperture making it extremely fast, yet accurate for close to mid range work. Transitions with pinpoint accuracy on targets from point blank out to 300 meters are instantaneous with the Fail Safe sight picture.

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