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Customize Your Machinegun Rental!
Customize Your Machinegun Rental!

Our Price:$1.00

Product Code: CUSTOM-MG

Want to pick your own guns and ammo? Let us put together a custom quote for you*. Call or email us today to get started. Choose from any of the following:

M16 in .223 (with or without supressor)
M249 SAW in .223
MP5 in 9mm (with or without suppressor)
Glock full auto in 9mm
Uzi in 9mm
Sten MKII in 9mm
Sten MK5 in 9mm
Beretta PM125 in 9mm
Steyr MPI81 in 9mm
M3A1 Grease Gun in 45ACP
M1A1 Thompson in 45ACP
MP7 in 4.6x30
MK46 Mod1 in 5.56
M240B in 7.62
AK47 in 7.62x39mm
RPK in 7.62x39mm
RPD in 7.62x39mm
FAL in .308
G3K in .308
SCAR17 in .308
M60E3 in .308
1919A4 in .308
M14 in .308
Bren in .303
MG34 in 8mm
MG42 in 7.62
MG74 in 7.62
Madsen M1946 in .30-06
M2HB in 50BMG
PPSH43 in 7.62x25
BAR in 30-06
FN-D in .308
FN P-90 in 5.7x28 (with or without suppressor)

*$500 minimum on all rentals. Subject to gun availability.

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